Cindy Grisham Corner

Cindy Grisham is the Traffic Records Manager and FARS Supervisor here at the Highway Safety Office, otherwise known as our resident “Data Cruncher”. Based on her & FARS team research, this is what we know to be true in Arkansas:

This year: 502 crash deaths occurred on Arkansas roads.**

**Preliminary as of October 13, 2021.

In the Highway Safety Office, all questions begin with “why” when searching for solutions to preventable roadway fatalities on our Arkansas roads.

According to AHSO’s in-house “Data Cruncher” Cindy Grisham, Ph.D., Traffic Records Program Manager / FARS Supervisor,I realized that we started June of 2020 with 213 [crash] fatalities. We began June of 2021 with 248. I hope that we are doing a better job of getting them located and on eCrash instead of this being that much of a rise in numbers. Our highest months are almost always June through October.”

Breaking it down by county, we have had fatalities in sixty-eight of the seventy-five counties so far this year; additionally, fifty of the counties has had at least two fatalities.*Preliminary Data - County Fatalities as of June 30, 2021

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Cindy Grisham, Traffic Records and FARS Data Manager at AHSO

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