13 Motorcycle Fatalities In 13 Crashes For September

Not good news for any of us in the state of Arkansas but we recorded the 53rd fatality for the month [September] yesterday, with 10 of them coming in double fatality accidents. (Lonoke, Cleveland, Ashley, Phillips, and Independence)

Also, yesterday, we had a double fatality that involved a school bus driver and one of the children in Batesville. They were the 3rd and 4th fatality this month for Independence County and I believe their fifteenth overall so far this year with 2 double fatalities and 1 quadruple in that number. We also had a triple fatality in Cave City back in the spring, and although they occurred in Sharp County, the town is split in half with part of it lying in Independence County. I know Independence County is on the Hi-Five [Project] list and it looks like they are there for a reason.

This has been a horrible month for motorcycles with 13 riders killed in 13 crashes. One of the crashes was in downtown Benton and had one Harley rider crashing into another. They were not riding together and apparently unacquainted. 3 additional crashes involved ATV/UTV’s.

43 of those killed were within a city limits of a town and none have been in Little Rock. 26 additional people were injured in these crashes.*

Drive safe, Arkansas! For more Arkansas Crash Data https://www.dps.arkansas.gov/dashboard/

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Cindy L. Grisham, Ph.D.

Traffic Records Program Manager / FARS Supervisor


*Preliminary Statistical Data