More Speeding On Arkansas Roads Meant More Deadly Crashes


Summary: Deadly auto crashes more likely during pandemic lockdown. A new study found fewer people on the road during the early days of the pandemic, more drivers were speeding and driving recklessly, resulting in more deadly crashes…*

Sorry, I am a data and research nerd. I read this article from the Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board that looked at an analysis of COVID-19 on traffic volume and crash severity.

The findings confirm that lower volumes are associated with higher severity. It is shown that higher speeds were associated with more severe crashes, a lower proportion of crashes were observed during morning peaks, and there was a reduction in types of crashes that occur in congestion. It is also noted that there was an increase in the proportion of crashes related to intoxication and speeding.

The importance of the findings lay in the risk to essential workers who were required to use the road system while others could telework from home. Possibilities of similar shocks to travel demand in the future, and that traffic volumes may not recover to previous levels, are discussed, and policies are recommended that could reduce the risk of incapacitating and fatal crashes for continuing road users.

Nerd stuff I know, but interesting for us. [in the search for solutions in traffic safety—reducing crash fatalities and serious injuries.]

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Cindy L. Grisham, Ph.D.

Traffic Records Program Manager / FARS Supervisor

*Preliminary Statistical Data

Journal Reference:

  • Jonathan Stiles, Armita Kar, Jinhyung Lee, Harvey J. Miller. Lower Volumes, Higher Speeds: Changes to Crash Type, Timing, and Severity on Urban Roads from COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Policies. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2021; 036119812110444 DOI: 10.1177/03611981211044454

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