6 Million Plus Visitors To State Parks In 2021

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I got the weekly state parks visitation information yesterday from the office of Stacy Hurst at the Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism and they have had over 6 million visitors this year to the state parks. If the weather holds they are expecting visitation totals to reach around 9 million by years end. Camping, boating, hiking, and all sorts of outdoor activity has gone through the roof with COVID and seems like it isn’t going to let up. If you are an law enforcement agency or a family doing a road trip in the state parks counties or near the parks, here's your heads up. Be safe Arkansas!

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Cindy L. Grisham, Ph.D.

Traffic Records Program Manager / FARS Supervisor


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6 Million Plus Visitors In State Parks In 2021

Cindy Grisham Corner - Pursuing Life Saving Proof