Motorcycle Fatality Number 62 For The Year In September

We had motorcycle fatality #62 for the year yesterday [in Arkansas]. A representative in DL/CDL checked the DL status of all of the motorcyclists she could on these and approximately one-half of them did NOT have a motorcycle endorsement on their license. These were not 18 year old kids but 50 year old men. There were lots of drivers license problems involved as well.

The DL/CDL representative and I talked a great deal about motorcycle licenses in this state. Earlier this year there was an issue with the testing that required Arkansas to throw out the temporary license. All motorcyclists must do their written and skills test at one time now. The skills test is only offered at each troop headquarters now, but there is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course that teaches the basic skills and upon satisfactory completion the participant is qualified to get the motorcycle endorsement. DL/CDL representative has been pushing for the MSF course as the only option for motorcycle riders and I would say she is right. We need to learn more about this and get behind her on it.*

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Cindy L. Grisham, Ph.D.

Traffic Records Program Manager / FARS Supervisor

*Preliminary Statistical Data and the opinions of writer Cindy Grisham