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Arkansas State Police wants you to know the laws! The AHSO & ASP team together and present a monthly feature from the popular ‘Learn The Law’ Facebook Series. Each month we will post an Arkansas law, that ASP has explained in detail. We will spotlight it for you on Learn The Law Series as a monthly feature in the SafARoads Blog and Newsletter.

Today we are covering MERGING! Many people have problems with this one, so we want you to share, share, share!!! When you merge on to an interstate or highway in Arkansas, remember - you DO NOT have the right of way! The drivers currently on the highway are not expected to move out of the way; rather, they'll keep going at the same speed, and it's up to you to make sure you adjust your speed and merge safely. Here are a few tips for merging correctly:

  1. Accelerate to the same speed as highway traffic. The first step of merging safely is to make sure you're going the same speed as the traffic on the highway. Use the acceleration lane - the entrance ramp or place where you're entering the highway - to quickly gain speed.
  2. Put on your turn signal. Do it early, so other drivers know what you intend to do.
  3. Look for a gap in traffic.
  4. Merge when it's safe to do so. You should now be driving at the same speed as the rest of the traffic.

Merging falls under unsafe lane changes, in the Arkansas statue for Careless Driving.

27-51-104. Careless and prohibited driving.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or operate any vehicle in such a careless manner as to evidence a failure to keep a proper lookout for other traffic, vehicular or otherwise, or in such a manner as to evidence a failure to maintain proper control on the public thoroughfares or private property in the State of Arkansas.

(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or drive any vehicle on the public thoroughfares or private property in the State of Arkansas in violation of the following prohibited acts:

  1. Improper or unsafe lane changes on public roadways.
  2. Driving onto or across private property to avoid intersections, stop signs, traffic control devices, or traffic lights.
  3. Driving in such a manner, or at such a speed, so as to cause a skidding, spinning, or sliding of tires or a sliding of the vehicle.
  4. Driving too close to, or colliding with, parked or stopped vehicles, fixtures, persons, or objects adjacent to the public thoroughfares.
  5. Driving a vehicle which has any part thereof, or any object, extended in such fashion as to endanger persons or property.
  6. To operate any vehicle in such a manner which would cause a failure to maintain control.
  7. To operate or drive a vehicle wherein or whereon passengers are located in such a manner as to be dangerous to the welfare of such passengers; or
  8. To operate a vehicle in any manner, when the driver is inattentive, and such inattention is not reasonable and prudent in maintaining vehicular control.

*Source: ASP Staff & Learn The Law Inspired by NEA Report

*Excerpt from: #learnthelawtuesdays


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