Arkansas Highway Safety Office STEP Grants--What are they and who can apply for them? The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP), available to law enforcement agencies, is designed to reduce traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. The STEP focuses on increased enforcement of all traffic safety laws with an emphasis on occupant protection, impaired driving, speeding and distracted driving. Increased or stepped-up enforcement, coupled with highly visible publicity, are the key components to the success of the program. Highly Visible Enforcement (HVE) is a universal traffic safety approach to create deterrence and the social norming that changes unlawful traffic behaviors. It alerts the public to the increased enforcement and ensures the public see the high level of enforcement activity.

The Arkansas Highway Safety Office provides two types of STEP grants:

  • Sustained STEP Grant
  • Mini STEP Grant

The Sustained STEP Grant ensures consistent statewide law enforcement during the year.

A Mini STEP Grant is for short-term mobilizations targeting specific high-traffic holiday periods such as Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

The STEP Grants are cost-reimbursable grants available to provide:

  • Overtime Enforcement
  • Traffic-related Safety Equipment (Radars, PBTs, Portable Speed Signs, Dash Cameras, etc.)
  • Child Safety Seats

Join the STEP team and be agents of change in convincing drivers and all road users to make safer decisions.


If your agency would like to participate in the STEP Program, please go here:

Or if you have more questions, click here AHSO 21 FAQs: