Planning and Administration

Planning and Administration refers to those activities and costs that are attributable to the overall management and operation of the Arkansas Highway Safety Program. These necessary functions include fiscal support, financial reporting, purchasing, equipment inventory, maintenance and operations, and office management. Additional program responsibilities include identifying problems and solutions, developing and implementing projects, monitoring projects and evaluating accomplishments.

The overall program management of the Highway Safety Program is the responsibility of the Highway Safety Office (HSO) of the Arkansas State Police (ASP). The organizational chart of the HSO is shown on page 4.

The management and fiscal staff will build on and maintain their expertise in all aspects of the program by attending available training sessions. The staff will attend meetings and other sessions in the performance of their normally assigned functions. The percentage of funding distribution for positions by program area is provided on page 20. The costs associated with the overall management and operation of the Highway Safety Program under Planning and Administration are itemized as follows:

Salaries and Benefits

The entire salaries and benefits for one full-time position and one part-time position and a portion of the salaries and benefits for three full-time positions, fulfilling management and fiscal support functions are paid from federal funds.

Travel and Subsistence

This component provides for travel and subsistence costs for management and fiscal support personnel.

Operating Expenses

This component provides for operating expenses directly related to the overall operation of the Highway Safety Program.