Woo Hoo AHSO

Arkansas Highway Safety Office ACCOMPLISHMENTS

The AHSO celebrates these achievements and looks forward to doing more in the coming fiscal year of 2022

Jump around – Get Excited! – Make Some Noise!!! Woohoo! We ARe Saving Lives Together!!!

  • AHSO via NHSTA federal grant funded $1.15 Million for 25 fully equipped service vehicles Dodge UVs for Arkansas State Police to focus on Distracted Driving Enforcement campaigns and mobilizations. (See ASP Press Release Troopers Use New Low Profile Patrols)
  • AHSO matched and funded UA-CAPS* team innovation of Arkansas’s DWI Court suspended license process to better input field officer form data directly into DMV system and autonomously complete process of court-ordered suspension of licenses thereby helping remove DWI/DUI offenders from Arkansas roadways.
  • AHSO Program Manager Michael Catanach and the AHSO team members continue to improve and expand with the AHSO’s Egrant system implemented in March 2019. The AHSO can now create grants, solicit proposals, review, and approve applications, generate agreements, review project reports, monitor projects and programs electronically.
  • Arkansas State Police Colonel Bryant, Director - Congratulations! Attached is the approval letter for the Arkansas FY 22 Highway Safety Plan. We look forward to working with Ms. White and the Highway Safety Office staff in the implementation of their Plan. ~From Susan DeCourcy, NHTSA August 13, 2021

  • AHSO funded New BATmobile! The AHSO received pre-approval from NHTSA for the purchase of a new BATmobile launched into service in FY21. The Arkansas Office of State Procurement accepted a bid amount of $460,000.00. This amount was pre-awarded for FY2021.
  • AHSO funded Trafficloud Software Support: The two LED Signs used at sobriety checkpoints are equipped with GPS and bluetooth capabilities. This technology allows BAT program staff to quickly change traffic messages for motorist safety at sobriety checkpoints. The GPS in the software also allows staff to find the sign boards in the event they are lost or stolen. Funding is provided for a yearly support package which is necessary to utilize the software.
  • AHSO funded Hudson Sanitizing Fogger with Hospital Grade Virucide & Bactericide: Due to COVID-19 heath/safety concerns, funding was also provided for sprayer/foggers and hospital grade cleaners to keep the interior of the BAT Mobile sanitized and safe for all who are t on board for testing.
  • AHSO funded Law Enforcement Body Mounted Camera: A body camera was imperative to provide video documented monitoring of law enforcement and public interactions at sobriety checkpoints.

More Woo Hoo AHSO on the way.

*UA-CAPS is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Alabama dedicated to the implementation and utilization of cutting-edge technologies to enhance public safety and well-being of the citizens of the state of Alabama, nation, and world.