Rock Paper Scissors Fayetteville Officers Care About Their Community

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Fayetteville Officers Care About Their Community

*Photo Credit: Fayetteville Police Department

We, at AHSO will periodically spotlight some of the law enforcement agencies who serve their communities across the state of Arkansas. We seek to point to the good and the commendable that is prevailing in our law enforcement communities to pay them honor and respect.

We believe any law enforcement agency and community selected to feature is a representation of all the multiple thousands of officers doing a good job and representing their city and state well.

This Fayetteville Police Officer gets it. Hence, the picture above and the comment that reads, “We [Fayetteville Police Department] love being sent photos of our officers in action! Here is Cpl. Koscheski playing rock, paper, scissors with some kids after school.

And another one below of motor officer Corporal Blake Campbell.[FPD] He’s doing a demo and presentation about the role of motors for a group of preschoolers.

*Photos Credit: Fayetteville Police Department

Not only do these officers show they care about their community by taking time with the kiddos. But they also show they care by enforcing the law in their community, doing their part in keeping Fayetteville, Arkansas roadways safe. Here’s one of the motor unit officers enforcing the law.

*Photos Credit: Fayetteville Police Department

Congratulations to Fayetteville Police Department for the exemplary service to your community and the state of Arkansas!

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