Nominate A Traffic Crash Survivor For Saved By The Belt Award


Honoring traffic crash survivors who were buckled up is a positive method for agencies to show their communities that seat belt use is important, and that officers care that motorists obey the law.

Furthermore, the Saved by the Belt program gives law enforcement agencies and occupant protection programs and safety partners the opportunity to nominate safe motorists and spread the word about the importance of seat belt use.

Who Can Nominate A Survivor?
Law enforcement, emergency medical providers, and other agencies involved in traffic crash reporting can nominate individuals for the award by completing the application and including a copy of the standard Arkansas Crash Report. Photographs are also highly recommended if available.

To reward drivers or passengers whose seat belt use saved their lives, complete the following easy steps after the crash. Eligibility will be determined after a complete review of the application and supporting documents. Applications will only be considered if:

  • Fill out the nomination form below or download the SBTB printable form and print, then mail.
  • Send the form to AHSO at the address below or fax it to Fax: (501) 618-8124
  • Please send photos (if available) and an ASP crash report along with the application.
  • The following criteria will be used to issue awards after a complete review of the application and supporting documents. Applications will only be considered if:
  • The nominee was involved in crash that occurred in Arkansas, regardless of residence.
  • No drugs or alcohol were involved on the part of the nominee.
  • The crash was serious (more than a fender bender).
  • Seat belt must be worn properly (not coded “restraint use unknown”)
  • The nominee was not cited for a willful or intentional violation of the law.
  • Nominee may not be the driver of the determined ‘at-fault’ vehicle.

Qualifying candidates will receive a certificate. The certificates can be mailed to the agency for presentation to the recipient or AHSO can mail them directly to the recipient. Presentations can also be made during a local event or meeting.

Download Printable Saved By The Belt Form to Mail or Fax (Electronic form on the way):

Arkansas Highway Safety Office Attn: Saved By The Belt Program, 1 Arkansas State Police Plaza, Little Rock, AR 72209 | FAX : (501) 618-8124

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Saved By The Belt FAQs

What is the purpose?

For Arkansas Law Enforcement:

  • To identify individuals whose lives are saved, or injuries significantly reduced because they were wearing a safety belt or protected by an air bag and a safety belt at the time of a crash.
  • To provide documented evidence of cases where safety belts and other occupant protection devices “made the difference.”
  • To reinforce the life-saving importance of occupant protection for individuals involved in motor vehicle crashes and encourage others to use them.
  • To increase Arkansas public awareness on the benefits of use of safety belts, air bags and child safety seats.

Who Qualifies?

Persons who are eligible for receiving the certificate(s) must meet all the following criteria:

  • The nominee was involved in crash that occurred in Arkansas, regardless of residence.
  • Any person and/or their spouse and children involved in a motor vehicle crash whose lives were saved or injuries reduced because of the use of a safety restraint or air bag and safety belt.
  • The crash occurred after December 31, 2007 to present.
  • Nominees must be using the proper combination of safety restraints. For example, safety belts were properly used in vehicles equipped with an airbag; use of the manual lap belt is required with some automatic belt systems; child nominees who are required to be restrained by a child safety seat must be properly secured in the child restraint and the restraint must be properly secured in the vehicle by a safety belt.
  • Nominees may not be the driver of the “at-fault” vehicle, i.e., if the crash review finds the crash could have been prevented the nominee will NOT qualify.

Review Procedures

Each entry will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Severity of crash.
  • Severity of injuries/condition.
  • Circumstances surrounding the crash.
  • After full review, The Arkansas “Saved By The Belt” Committee reserves the right not to grant the presentation of the award/certificate(s).


Yes. Nominees/Participants agree to allow the use of their name, photos, likeness and crash information in promotional activities for the “Saved By The Belt Program. Furthermore, Nominees/Participants release the Arkansas Highway Safety Office, Arkansas State Police and Department of Public Safety and its representatives from any obligation or liability associated with the certificate(s) and/or subsequent promotions of this program including AHSO websites and social media.


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