Do your part-Put a stop to hot car deaths

Put a stop to hot car deaths

Our summer routines look a little different this year, but the summer sun and high temperatures are still deadly to a child who has been left unattended or gotten trapped inside a vehicle.

This year brought unique challenges to families, especially those who were home more due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, it also caused unforeseen consequences for child safety around vehicles.

On average each year, 25% of children who die from vehicular heatstroke do so after crawling inside an unlocked vehicle and getting trapped - so far this year it's up to almost 50%.

Even a "quick trip" into the store can turn deadly. Some parents think "just a few minutes" is okay... It's not. The inside of a vehicle can heat up 20° in just 10 minutes.

Education is the first step in prevention, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is leading the charge, but we can't spread this lifesaving message without your help.

On Thursday, August 13, we will be tweeting from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET about the dangers of heatstroke, and offering prevention tips. We invite you to share your own message this day, too. Let's blast a powerful, loud, and unified safety message all over the web.

Encourage your social network to share the message. Each share gets us closer to eliminating these senseless tragedies.

Your support and participation is urgently needed. Join NHTSA in spreading the message. Let’s stop this troubling trend, stop the heartbreak, and stop children from dying in hot cars.

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